*All prices include tax.
*Tax-included prices are the same for both dine-in and carry-out (includes drive-thru orders). (Prices excluding tax may vary.)
*Only while supplies last.

Set menu

Better deal with a set purchase of a Burger or pasta

The store of the store-limited menu, please confirm a store search.There is a store which has ended sale.

Fried Potato(M) set +¥470 +Fried Potato(M)
Fried Potato(L) set +¥520 +Fried Potato(L)
DIP Potato(M) set +¥520 +DIP Potato(M)
DIP Potato(L) set +¥570 +DIP Potato(L)
Drink set +¥230 +Drink
Plus for each set and more deals
  • Young Chicken Tatsuta +¥240
  • Fried Chicken +¥270
  • Chicken Nugget +¥360